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UnRuffledRx's mission is to offer a range of management options for feather plucking Parrots.

  • UnRuffledRx offers a full range of parrot nutritional supplements from avian calming products to feather growth supplements
  • Find a range of bird collars for mild through severe pluckers to protect your parrot from plucking and harming itself.
  • Learn about parrot husbandry and environmental strategies that help you reduce parrot stress and thereby address parrot plucking problems
  • Learn behavior modification strategies to curb your pets compulsion to pluck its feathers and get out of the habit of plucking.

Changing the way we manage behavioral feather plucking

We believe in healing from the inside out and that starts with paying close attention to four research based strategies for getting a handle on feather destructive behavior (FDB). We suggest a multi-pronged approach as bringing the most hope for our un-feathered friends. Our philosophy is that it’s not only important to protect a pet from further self-harm with a bird collar, but we also to address physical and environmental factors that are adding emotional and physical stress to the bird. At the end of the day, whenever dealing with a repetitive, addictive behavior such as feather plucking, behavior modification proves to offer considerable hope.

UnRuffledRx parrot supplements help address the physical and emotional discomforts that captive parrots experience. From our nutrient rich FeatheredUp!, Calcium, Magnesium +D3, and Red Palm Oil, to our calming formula and herbs and soothing sprays, we strive to make parrots physically and emotionally healthy. And, if your customers are looking for easy to follow behavior modification tips, check out The Feather Plucking Workbook:

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